Watermelon Lime Mint Salad–perfect for a hot summer

This simple 3 ingredient salad is very refreshing. The contrast of the mint and sour lime with the cool watermelon will have you craving this salad all summer.  This dish is also perfect for post-ride recovery. The water from within the watermelon is some of the purest hydration available.


2 cups (per person) chilled large diced (3/4 inch x 3/4 inch) seedless watermelon   

2-3 sprigs of fresh mint leaves

1-2 fresh limes 


Chill watermelon in the fridge. Remove and cut watermelon into medium to large diced squares. Add two cups of watermelon per person in individual serving bowls. Rough cut the mint leaves (no stems) into small pieces and sprinkle on top and evenly between the bowls. Cut the limes in half and squeeze a half teaspoon on top of each bowl. Serve immediately.